Vulnerability – One to Many


Hey folks, its been a loooooooong time since I opened my JD and here I am sitting in my room with the window doors open, watching the cloud sobbing out all its worries at once.

The true vibes of solitude amazes me every time. While people all around preach meditation to train the mind devoid of thoughts, I enjoy and travel with my thoughts to explore on my uncleared doubts in life. I would love not to mistake this with over thinking but just putting thoughts on things that just happened without the feeling of regrets or any worries it could give.

Right now, I would like to share a piece of thought that has been traversing across my neurons in a random fashion since a long time.

So, I welcome you all to the world of vulnerability

The first thing that crosses my mind when one hears this word is DANGER. You are prone to be in danger either physically or mentally. The feeling coupled with various instances. Vulnerability in profession, in family, in love and in friendship and the list can go on to any minute detail such that all the vulnerabilities of the humanity is captured and taken into consideration. Even I am one among the poor souls who belong to this sample size and wondering how this feeling needs to be interpreted.

Here we go.

Vulnerabilities occur when something/someone has power over us. It can even be a situation that could take control or manipulate actions such that our hands are tied at both the ends. While I dig deeper, this emotion is very deeply connected to the most prevalent counterparts(since it exists in the same degree as Vulnerability in humans) , trust and fear. V is very closely related to these two elements and they actually engulf you and make you sink in the dark thoughts which paves the way for high level of misery. After being obsessed and doubtful about this feeling, indeed I feel I am in the loop of better understanding it.


This has been the mantra that I could figure out after endless thinking. I know the first question that could pop out would be why to believe in the first place to get burnt? I am very happy we all think alike but unless the element of belief exists within you on anything, you will never be able to cherish the happiness (which can be for a short span) at any occasion. It is very scientifically proven that you tend to feel good and take good decisions when you can share your experiences with your near and dear ones. Its just that a thought hits and tells you what if he/she whom you have expected to be a major part in your life’s journey is no more. Switch the mind to embrace the hopelessness and acknowledge its presence.

Now a question pops up to know what does it feel like embracing the hopelessness? According to the definition, to embrace is to hold someone in one’s arms, a sign of affection. In this situation whom do you think you should embrace to avoid uncertainties ? Yes, Its you who are to be embraced and taken care of. And no single person in the world would be able to show care for you more than yourself. Take a walk, listen to your favorite song, play the game you like, meet new people who you wish to be vulnerable with (haha)

As they have quoted, pain is inevitable; Suffering is optional. The ball is in our court.

Remember vulnerabilities occur when the object of interest has power over us but lets not forget the fact that it is our conscious decision to be taken control of

After prolonged thinking, I have been able to figure out idle mind is not devil’s workshop. In fact mind is never idle. It is a child which constantly looks to seek approval for any logic that it derives. All we have to do would be to nurture the child and trust its beliefs by experimenting what it says and thats exactly what made me to write this article.

Hope this helps !

PS: Very open and eager to receive critical feedbacks to deliver better articles than the previous ones










“An Idle mind is devil’s workshop”

I am pretty sure that all of you would have come across this phrase.I would not deny that these are the words from great people.But I can assure you that they would have been so idle and jobless in their life that must have triggered them to come up with this quote.

                           Let me just give you an example by taking my own story as it will make you ponder how you shoudnt waste your time. School,for everyone, is a paradise in disguise where our prime purpose takes the least priority.I used to have a lot of fun in my school days with my friends.I can confidently say that I was good at studies but not exceptional.The privelege that we own in pulling our teacher’s legs cannot be quantified.Other than these I didn’t engage in anything great.Badminton was one game in which I had keen interest on but it was for a very short span of time. And hopefully a girl in everyone’s life who makes you go head over heels and brings out the shitty romantic side of you..Ahem …Ahem .. Nostalgia hits you hard sometimes 😛

Ipo college Kadhai…You have an ambivalent feeling towards the college atmosphere as it enthralls you with mighty buildings and at the same time makes you realise that you are a phenomenal douchebag amongst the crowd.But my life had a wonderful start in the college.A great set of friends and a great class where the words like Mama,machi and Saale used to bombard ur ears quite frequently.The One thing by which we were all united Was “The Biryani”.I dont know but I seriously feel that the dish gives you peace with a better understanding of life. “..Tha ithaanda Vaazhkainu solra maari :D”.The lectures in college actually helped studies to take the least priority in my life :P.And till my second year of college I just lived my life experiencing all the “Shouldnot be experienced” moments of my life :P.So if you had gone through the lines you would have found how jobless I was and how much more crap I can really think of.(I know that very well :P).The crux of the story was I didn’t do anything useful and I felt bored of my life.It was IDLENESS that made me prioritise the unsuitable options.The sad part was that I got to realise this fact after my 2 years of college.

At one point of time My brain could actually take a step to advice me how sucky my life was and how am I gonna be unique from others. This Thirst made me to come up with the event called “Survivors Quest” in my college fest.It was really a success and I had a perfect way to continue pursuing something different with the same momentum.A lot of challenges from then on have made me so strong and has taught me many things in my life.

So lets get to the climax of the story.The biggest threat that the whole youth community is facing at present is “BOREDOM” which will eventually make you useless and dumb.There are plethora of activities in which one can engage himself on (Watsapp and facebook are strictly not into this :P).Do it and you will cherish those moments for sure and the time you feel that idleness is not on the cards is actually the time you would have achieved something in your life.Make use of your precious time for the right work.I am pretty sure you will 🙂

Keep calm and have Jack Daniels                                                                                                               Because you wouldnt keep calm after having Jack Daniels 😀